Moon Crab

Like its name, this moon crab has a very strange shape because there is more bold red rounded crab and bright pink on their backs.

Because of this feature, people on the island named it a strange name, mooncrab. And perhaps, with anunusual shape like that it soon became a special food in the wild land. Everything here is quiet except the sound of waves. They whisper all day and all night.

This type of crab lives along the cliffs.Crab usually is not delicious, less tasty gravy every date of the full moon, but crab meat is very sweet and fragrant at the beginning or the end of a month.

Especially, after the crabs are cooked, its red color will defeat your stomach definitely. However, it also is not easy to conquerer dishes by your hand because shell crabis so hard and you have to use a special tool to enjoy the snow-white and fragrant crabmeat under the challenging and thick shell.

Crab meat is a great food if eaten with salt and pepper lemon. Besides, people here also use crab for processing other dishes such as soup, noodles or cook crab meat with noodles … Each dish has different ways of processing, but in short, they become better, more unique, more sweet due to the taste of this exotic crab.

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