High-speed boat between Vung Tau and Con Dao Island

Tourists now can travel from Vung Tau to Con Dao island for just three hours as an express boat service from Vung Tau city to Con Dao island opened.

The launched Con Dao Express 36 will officially serve passengers in 2019, departing from Cau Da Port (Vung Tau) for Ben Dam Port (Con Dao) at 8am and returning at 1.30pm on the same day.

The fare is 660,000 dong (28.6 US dollars) for economy class and 1.2 million dong (52 US dollars) for luxury class.

Owned by the Phu Quoc Fast Ferry Joint Stock Company, Con Dao Express 36 is the largest highspeed catamaran in Vietnam. It measures 46.85m in length and 12.2m in width and can carry up to 598 passengers.

Equipped with four Rolls-Royce engines, the ferry has a maximum speed of 35 nautical miles (60 km) per hour, reducing the travel time between Vung Tau and Con Dao by nearly 10 hours as compared with currently operating ships.

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