This is a specialty gift bearing the deep stamp of the island. Just set foot on this island, you can see the rows of Terminalia catappa growing along coastal paths, far away a few hundred meters from Ben Dam Port.

When going deep into the island you will find Terminalia catappa grown all over the streets. This contributesto the greening and the denseness of Con Dao in the glittering dawn or brighter every sunset.

Terminalia catappa has very large leaves and its fruits too. Fruits ripen with the greatest number in the summer, inabout July and August. As Terminalia catappa’s fruits change yellow and fall on the ground they are extremely attractive. That is the time of jam season. Then, people of Con Dao Island take fruits home to dry in the sun. After drying, they will make them separate for getting kernel. This task is not difficult, but it requires workers are really patient because you must sit for a few hours just for a few one hundred grams of kernel. Then they will roast these tiny kernelswith salt or sugar to make two major jams: Sweet and savory! Each kind of them owns a special taste that nobody wants to buy just one to enjoy.

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