Hang Keo Cemetery

Located on Nguyen Van Cu Street, visitors come to visit and light incense in Hang Keo cemetery. The cemetery has an area of 80,000m2; this is the place to bury about 10,000 prisoners killed by French colonists in Con Dao prison from the early twentieth century until the period of white terrorist 1940-1941. The saying “going to Hang Keo” is the way of saying that the prisoner sees you go to bury which pass by tradition for 2 plaintive poem sentences until today.

“Con Lon is easy to go, but it is hard to return”

Living on the mountain of God, pass way to Hang Keo”.

In 1997, the graves found here were converted to area “D” – Hang Duong Con Dao Cemetery. Currently only natural forests and remains of prisoner’s remains were underground without traces. The area of ancient Hang Keo cemetery has now been memorized by the State at the monument.

Hang Keo Cemetery Monument has been signed by the Prime Minister Decision No. 548 / QD-TTg as a Special National Monument on 10/5/2012.

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